THE FATBACK BAND makes funky, orchestral soul music built for the live party circuit. Piloted by legendary bandleader Bill “Fatback” Curtis (percussion) and reinforced by Ledjerick Todd Woods (trumpet), Robert Locke (saxophone), Zachary (Zach) Guinn (bass, vocals), Darryl McAllister (guitar) and Desmond Humphrey (drums, vocals) James Forbe Keyboards Isabela Gordon (vocals), the group’s high-energy songs and live performances are raw, earthy and explosive, showcasing members’ improvisational skills and musicianship. Poetic lyrics are bolstered by an infectious groove that pumps blood through the heart of the Fatback Band and brings fans their feet. Throughout four decades, Curtis and his crew have revolutionised the foundations of dance, funk, soul, rap and R&B.

…for an object lesson in funk music made the old-fashioned way, look no further”.

“…an epic night of funk from the pioneering group the Fatback Band.” 

“…a sell-out crowd enjoyed the soul/funk/disco legends, the Fatback Band. They’ve been stellar since the 1970s…”

“The Fatback performance was absolutely fantastic, and the energy was hypnotic. It’s been a long time since I have danced so much, and felt so alive!”

“…bass lines that never let go, party-time chants came with harsh-reality raps, ad-libbed harmonies soared and sailed, the jazz was spontaneous, hard-nosed and unfettered.”