AGMP presents
+ Miraculous Mule

“Desert-blues for fans of Can and Pink Floyd to sink their teeth into.” MOJO Magazine

Tamikrest in tamasheq language means junction, connection, knot, coalition. The group members come from different horizons (Mali, Niger, Algeria and France). Wanting to assume fully their Touareg identity, they found in the rebel music Ishumar the means to express it.

Though their music takes root in Ishumar Rock or Tuareg Blues, it borrows from various international influences as well as from neighbouring cultures.

Through the message of their songs, Tamikrest want to make Tamasheq poetry and culture accessible to inhabitants of a world larger than the immensity of the Saharian desert.

Ousmane Ag Mossa – vocals, guitar
Aghaly Ag Mohamedine – vocals, percussion
Cheikh Ag Tiglia – bass, backing vocals
Paul Salvagnac – guitar
Nicolas Grupp – drums
Venue London, Rich Mix