Though they never received the recognition they deserved, Squire was undoubtedly one of the earliest and finest Mod Revival bands of the late 70’s. Squire were able to transcend the limits of the genre with their high quality pop which drew equal parts from punk spirit and the 1960’s. Named because they rehearsed above a shop called Squires, the band went to school with Paul Weller in Woking, Surrey and formed in Guildford not long after The Jam as a covers band consisting of Enzo Esposito (vocals/bass), Steve Baker (guitar) and Ross Di’Landa (drums). In June 1978, songwriter/guitarist Anthony Meynell joined just prior to a high profile gig opening for The Jam. The addition of Meynell changed the band’s focus to producing original material, and by 1979, they had released their first single for ROK Records, Get Ready to Go. While the single gained them some airplay, their biggest break came with the newly termed Mod Revival movement and their appearance on the now legendary Mods Mayday ’79 album which featured two new songs by the band.