Quadrophenia At 40 (Matinee)

Time 15.00 Age restrictions 16+ Venue London, Islington Assembly Hall
Matinee screening of the 1979 Franc Roddam Film

+ exclusive Q & A with Phil Daniels (“Jimmy”), Leslie Ash (“Steph”), Mark Wingett(“Dave”), Trevor Laird (“Ferdy”) in conversation with Eddie Piller.

“Quadrophenia” is a 1979 British drama film based on the 1973 album of the same name by The Who.

The film stars Phil Daniels as “Jimmy”, a young 1960s London-based Mod who escapes from his dead-end job as a mailroom boy by dancing, partying, taking amphetamines, riding his scooter, and brawling with the motorcycle-riding Rockers, accompanied by his Mod friends “Dave” (Mark Wingett), “Chalky” and “Spider”. He discovers one of his childhood friends “Kevin” (Ray Winstone) is now a Rocker and he discovers him attacking one of his Mod friends one night. The Mods vs Rockers violence escalates on a Bank Holiday trip to Brighton. This is where “Jimmy” meets a girl he has a crush on “Steph” (Leslie Ash) and they see the ‘Ace Face’, played by Sting, for the first time.

The excellent British cast also includes Trevor Laird (“Ferdy”), Gary Shail (“Spider”), Michael Elphick (“George Cooper”), Toyah Wilcox (“Monkey”), Philip Davis (“Chalky”),Timothy Spall (“Harry”) and many more.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of this much-loved film, we are pleased to present a screening of the film followed by an exclusive Q&A with four original cast members.