Date 03/11/2019 Venue 14.45 (Screen 2)
Director Ron Peck (1991)

101 Minutes Fighters follows the real-life struggles of a group of young East End boxers as they take their first steps up the professional ladder, and former British Commonwealth champion Mark Kaylor as he prepares for his comeback fight. Exploring the appeal of boxing and the enduring potency of the image of the professional fighter in our movies, fantasies and dreams, the film moves between interviews, documentary footage and highly dramatized sequences.

Featuring Mark Kaylor, Jimmy Flint, Dean Hollington, Bradley Stone, Mark Tibbs, Jason & Roy Rowland, Phil Soundy, Terry Dixon, Jimmy Peters and trainer Jimmy Tibbs “Stunning” Time Out

“a long, prowling film, a mental sparring with the intractable mystery of why people love to do it and watch it” The Observer

“the finest documentary ever made about boxing” The Boxing News

“the finest film I have seen on professional boxing” Sunday Times